Ein wenig Leben

What a reader can always tell is when you are holding back for fear of offending them. I wanted there to be something too much about the violence in the book, but I also wanted there to be an exaggeration of everything, an exaggeration of love, of empathy, of pity, of horror. I wanted everything turned up a little too high. I wanted it to feel a little bit vulgar in places. Or to be always walking that line between out and out sentimentality and the boundaries of good taste. I wanted the reader to really press up against that as much as possible and if I tipped into it in a couple of places, well, I couldn’t really stop it.”


Ich bin ja immer etwas skeptisch, wenn Bücher zu sehr gehyped werden, aber in A Little Life von Hanya Yanagihara habe ich etwas erlitten, das ich zuletzt in der Kampfhexalogie von Knausgard erlebt habe.